How to apply

  1. Complete form TM1 in triplicate. Two copies are for office use and the third copy will be returned to the applicant with an official application number entered on it as proof of the application.
    1. An application fee of R590.00 is payable in respect of every class in respect of which an application is lodged.

      Please note that you have to file a separate trade mark application for each international class of goods or services for which you would like to use your trade mark. For example, if you manufacture and also sell cars, you have to lodge two trade mark applications:

    2. One in class 12 for manufacturing of motor vehicles; and
  • One in class 35 for selling of motor vehicles
  1. To identify the correct class for goods or services, view the International Classification of Goods and Services. Alternatively, contact the CIPC Office for assistance. Our staff will be able to assist you to identify the correct class/es for your goods and/or services.
  2. Indicate the class in Field 51 of form TM1.
  3. Indicate all the goods and/or services for which you would like to use the trade mark in Field 57 of form TM1.
    Take care not to put goods or services belonging in different classes on one trade mark application form. If you do so, your application will not be processed and will be returned to you requesting you to indicate the goods/services of interest for one class only, and also advising you to lodge further applications for the additional classes.
  4. Field 74 of form TM1 "address for service" is the address at which you will be receiving all the communications from the Office. Please be sure to inform the Office by requesting "a change of address for service" on form TM2 in case this address changes,. The address for service MUST at all times be an address within the Republic of South Africa.
  5. For further assistance, view SAMPLE TM1.
  6. Should your application comply with all the formal requirements, and the required official fee has been received by the Office, the application will be allocated an application date and an official application number. All communications with the Office should at all times include the application number as reference.

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